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Pet Portraits from Photos

Custom, Life-Like Pet Portraits from Your Photographs by Experienced UK Based Professional Animal Portrait Artist

A timeless tribute to your own pet or a unique and special gift for an animal lover.

Commission a Pet Portrait, UK & International Delivery

Pet Portrait Portfolio

About My Pet Portraits

I aim to capture the individuality and personality of your pet.  I use traditional painting skills to create a realistic and life-like, hand drawn and hand painted pet portraits. As an animal lover myself, it gives me huge satisfaction to be able to create a lasting memory of a much-loved pet.

Whether you would like a portrait painting or custom illustration of your own dog, cat or horse, etc. or are interested in commissioning a pet portrait as a gift, I paint affordable pet portraits or custom pet illustrations from good quality photographs for your total convenience. I am based near London, in the UK also accept international pet portrait orders.

All you need to do to commission a pet portrait is send some clear, good quality photographs. Please read this helpful guide on how to take and submit these. 

I offer Memorial Portraits to help you remember a lost pet.

For details of approximate prices, please have a look at my pet portrait prices. You will need to contact me for a firm quotation based on your personalised pet portrait requirements.  If you are on a tight budget, you can find examples of original dog, cat and horse paintings for sale in my online shop, featuring various breeds.

About Me

The daughter of art dealers, I began drawing as a small child and have over fifteen years professional experience in painting custom pet portraits and a BTEC diploma in Fine Art.  It was a fascination with animals that first inspired me to draw, sketching my childhood pet rabbits and dogs and horse from life. Animals continue to be my main inspiration.

Why Choose Me?

Firstly, I hope you choose me because you like my style of painting and drawing. Have a good look through my portfolio to see if I am a good fit for your commission.

I have worked commercially and privately as an illustrator and provided illustrations for Hudson and Middleton’s fine bone china animal mugs.

I paint animals of all shapes, breeds and sizes! Whether you are looking to commission a dog portrait, or a horse portrait, or a prize sheep (it has been known), my pet portraits are available in different sizes and styles, including watercolour illustrations, pen sketches, acrylic, to give you plenty of choice. 

There are so many pet portrait artists to choose from in the UK.  We each have our own style and unique skills. Good drawing is very important to me and is something I work hard at. My animal portraits are completely hand drawn or hand painted with great care and observation. I do not use projectors or tracing methods to create the drawing but use careful observation. Many pet portrait artists rely on the gridding up method (marking squares on the reference picture and matching squares on the artwork) to more easily draw completely accurate proportions and attempt to recreate a photograph in detail. Whilst I strive to be highly accurate and realistic, I prefer to use a looser, more painterly approach, using traditional methods and developed drawing skills, treating the painting as a whole. For me, this is what distinguishes a painting from your photographs.

I work in various media using traditional drawing and painting methods. I take a pride in my work and, with conservation in mind, I use only quality, lasting art materials.

You can be sure you are commissioning a unique, lasting, hand drawn piece of animal art if you commission custom animal paintings from me.

I have had many years’ experience of painting beloved pets and many happy customers who have commissioned animal portraits. To ensure your complete satisfaction with your custom pet portrait, I offer the opportunity to alter the completed pet portrait where possible and reasonable a limited returns policy for further assurance if you are still not satisfied with the finished piece (terms apply).  I am transparent about pricing and there are no hidden costs.

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